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We at Threads Embroidery, are well aware, that the presentation of your black belt is a very special occasion, marking the culmination of years of hard work, dedicated training, self discipline and not infrequent bouts of pain.

We therefore strive to make your belt truly something to be proud of, and an accurate marque of your standing within your chosen Martial Art.

The embroidery is in beautiful rayon thread, which has great lustre, and can be done in the colour of your choice, or in metallic silver or gold, which makes the belt look outstanding.

The belts we normally supply, are made by “Kwon” and are of the highest standard, using traditional hessian covered in the finest cotton or silk, sewn with multiple stitching. The underthread on the reverse side of the belt is blacked out with a heat-fixed dye and the finished article is eye-catching and an object of admiration.

We are, of course, aware that many people have existing belts or simply wish to supply one of their own preference. We are happy to embroider onto belts supplied to us, but sadly, as we cannot guarantee the quality of such belts, this service can only be undertaken at the customer’s own risk.

Embroidery in other languages.

We are proud of our ability to embroider in different languages. You can have your club, society or personal name embroidered in not only Japanese Katakana, but also Korean Hangul. We have always used Japanese and Korean nationals for translation, who have knowledge of martial arts, so as to ensure accuracy.

Unlike other embroiderers, we DO NOT digitize the translation and then embroider it as a design. We have the ability to embroidery directly from the translation, which gives greater accuracy and consistency to the characters.

Phonetic translations are always available with your completed belt on request.


We have always encouraged the embroidery of dan bars onto belts. As upgrades are required, we endeavour to process them as quickly as possible.

Owing to the increasing number of enquiries coming from people who have had their belts done with other companies, but now require additional dan bars, we regret to say that unless we did the original embroidery we are unable to add to what is not ours. For those people who were kind enough to afford us their custom in the first place, keep them coming, we look forward to being of service as always.


We perceive this as TWO items of embroidery, side by side on the SAME end of the belt.

Options regarding this are many, and we have therefore removed this facility from the on-line shop.
This type of  embroidery can only be carried out on belts 4 1/2 cms wide or more, this includes Master Class Belts and 5&6 cm wide Kwon belts.It EXCLUDES our silk belts and 4cm cotton belts.

Prices for this are still available on the website, but to order such embroidery, we recommend that you contact us directly with your requirements.

If your style of Japanese martial art is not contained within the list of those we already possess, then it will be embroidered in katakana.

List of Martial Arts Kanji Styles held in stock.

A1. Go Kan Ryu Karate Do A11. Sankukai A21. Taekwon Do (Eng only)
A2. Dan A12. Shodan  A22. Tae Kwon (Eng/Kor)
A3. Dan Bar A13. Shihan A23. Presented To
A4. Ju Jutsu A14. Karate Kai A24. Go Ju Ryu
A5. Jutsu Kai A15. Kempo A25. Judo
A6. Karate A16. Kempo Ju Jutsu A26. Wado Ryu
A7. Karate Do A17. J.K.A. A27. Kenshin
A8. Karate Kai A18. Aikedo A28. Shotokan
A9. Shukokai A19. Tang Su Do A29. Student
A10. Shi To Ryu A20. Tae Kwon Do (Kor only)  

However, if your club name, society or martial art style is not listed above, it is possible to make it available. Step one is to send us the required design, which can be digitised onto a disc by an embroidery package. For this service there is a small, one-off labour charge of £25.00.


We offer a new range called "Master Class". 

For more information click on this link.

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