Price List


Threads Embroidery specialises in martial arts belts, mostly black belts but all other martial arts belt colours are available, all priced as below:

4cm cotton                 £11.00

5cm cotton                 £15.00

6cm cotton                 £16.00

4cm silk                       £23.00

Luxury Master Class    £28.00

Standard cotton belts and silk belts come in lengths 240cm, 260cm, 280cm, 300cm and 320cm.

Luxury Master Class belts, which come with their own presentation box in lengths 220cm, 240cm, 260cm, 280cm, 300cm, 320cm, 340cm and 360cm.


In order to simplify our prices, martial arts belt embroidery is charged at £18.00 per end for any customary martial arts language whether in Japanese or Korean Hangol or in English, where fonts are available as standard in Arial, Script, Corsivo and Luchard. One Dan Bar at each end of the belt is included free of charge, if required.


Translation into Japanese Katakana or Korean Hangol £10.00

If the translation is already in our it will be provided free of charge but otherwise a charge will be made for translation which we render in brushstrokes.

Japanese Kenji, being a pictogram language, is not amenable to direct translation. If the translation required is in our library it will be provided free of charge. If a picture of the required Kenji text is available it can be digitised into an embroiderable format by outside contractors for which we cannot quote sight unseen.

Additional Dan Bars over and above the Dan Bar included in the embroidery price are charged at £1.00 each.

Any colour change requirements in the embroidery will be charged at £2.00 per colour.

If metallic thread is ordered the charge will be an additional charge of £3.00.

If double line embroidery is indicated by the length of the text the cost will be £6.00.